Ritual Salon only uses award winning, professional, cruelty-free products, keeping our bodies – and our salon – free from harsh chemicals and irritants.  This is all part of our commitment to treat your skin and hair with love and attention that it deserves.

Pual Mitchell Paul Mitchell's mission statement is to
"Live Beautifully". A philosophy born out
through a commitment to products that are
both luxurious and nurturing for your
body and soul. Their superior quality
ingredients are sustainably sourced,
cruelty-free, and only tested on humans
- never on animals.
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American Crew American Crew American Crew is known as the official
supplier to men. The brand emphasizes quality,
confidence, and style while the product leaves
your hair soft, shiny, and irresistibly touchable.
American Crew is the standard against which
all other men's products are measured.
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Deva Curl Deva Curl Deva Curls is one-of-a-kind product
line designed specifically to make
your curls stand out the way that you
always hoped they would. Deva Curl is
as bold, natural, and beautiful as your
own unique curls. Get ready to love
your curls like never before!
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